Birthday Cakes for Boys

Welcome to CakeIndulge Manila, where every cake slice tells a story and every crumb ignites imagination! We provide a wide selection of birthday cakes for boys, each customizable to your preferences. After baking your perfect cake, we’ll help deliver it right to your place of choice.

Uniqueness celebrated, one slice at a time! Birthday Cakes for Boys. Make your birthday extraordinary with our personalized cake perfection! Let's bring your dream cake to life, just the way you imagined!

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Check out our collection of our birthday cakes for boys! Order today and we’ll get in touch with your shortly after:

  • Cute Helicopter Cake
    Cute Helicopter Cake
  • Super Mario Cake 2-Tier
    Super Mario Cake 2-Tier
  • Hot Wheels Cake
    Hot Wheels Cake
  • Blippi Cake
    Blippi Cake
  • Birthday Cake for Girls or Boys
    Birthday Cake for Girls or Boys
  • Safari Adventure Cake
    Safari Adventure Cake
  • Star Wars Cake
    Star Wars Cake
  • Farm Animals Cake
    Farm Animals Cake
  • Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci and Boov Cake
    Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci and Boov Cake
  • Safari Cake
    Safari Cake
  • Paw Three-Tier Cake
    Paw Three-Tier Cake
  • Paw Lookout Tower
    Paw Lookout Tower
  • Paw Characters Cake
    Paw Characters Cake
  • Huggy Wuggy Cake
    Huggy Wuggy Cake
  • Harry Potter Cake
    Harry Potter Cake
  • Dinosaur Lucas Cake
    Dinosaur Lucas Cake
  • Construction Site Cake
    Construction Site Cake
  • Cocomelon Pastel Cake
    Cocomelon Pastel Cake
  • Cake Featuring Cocomelon
    Cake Featuring Cocomelon
  • Basketball Black Jersey Cake
    Basketball Black Jersey Cake
  • Three-tier Roblox with Headphones Cake
    Three-tier Roblox with Headphones Cake
  • Chase and Marshall Cake
    Chase and Marshall Cake
  • Two-tier Peppa Picnic Cake
    Two-tier Peppa Picnic Cake
  • Godzilla Orange Cake
    Godzilla Orange Cake

Can’t Find the Cake You’re Looking For? Let Us Know!

Nicola is a whiz when it comes to cake sculpting and decorating, so you can trust her to craft your very own custom cake! Simply send us your preferred cake design, and we will make it come to life!

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Looking for a cake tailored for your young one’s special day?

Our collection doesn’t stop here!

We understand that every boy has his own interests and passions. To cater to these diverse tastes, we’ve crafted a range of specialized birthday cakes just for boys:

Customize Your Birthday Cake for Boys

Are you searching for a personalized and fantastic birthday cake for your boys? Your search ends here! Our skilled baker, Nicola, is ready to turn your unique ideas into a delicious reality.

No matter what theme you have in mind or if you want something extraordinary and mouthwatering, we have just what you need. Many of our customers love adding their boys’ favorite colors and flavors, and we thrive on embracing new creative requests.

Place your order for a customized masterpiece today and get ready for an unforgettable birthday celebration! Let the excitement unfold as we bring your boys’ dream cake to life!