Dinosaur Cake Design


What could be better than a dinosaur-themed cake for your kid’s birthday?

With a little bit of creativity and inspiration, you’ll turn any occasion into a memorable prehistoric experience!

Choose from our cool and trendy range of dinosaur cake designs and get it delivered to your doorstep! Each dinosaur cake is freshly made to include your child’s favorite colors, flavors, and dinosaurs. Our dinosaur cake toppers are also 100% edible, so you won’t have to worry any plastic parts.

Create a cake that's as special as you are! Get in touch with us to discuss your personalized cake options Contact us via our social media channels to discuss your cake design
  • 3D Dino Cake
    3D Dino Cake
  • Dinosaur Land Themed Cake
    Dinosaur Land Themed Cake
  • Jurrasic Park Themed Cake
    Jurrasic Park Themed Cake
  • Dino Number Cake
    Dino Number Cake
  • Green and White Cake
    Green and White Cake
  • Blue Volcano Cake with Dinosaurs
    Blue Volcano Cake with Dinosaurs
  • Cake with Dinosaurs and Waterfall
    Cake with Dinosaurs and Waterfall
  • Two-tier Blue and Green Cake
    Two-tier Blue and Green Cake
  • Dinosaur Green Cake
    Dinosaur Green Cake

Can’t Find the Cake You’re Looking For? Let Us Know!

Nicola is a whiz when it comes to cake sculpting and decorating, so you can trust her to craft your very own custom cake! Simply send us your preferred cake design, and we will make it come to life!

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Customize Your Dinosaur Cake

Dino-mite! Are you in search of the ultimate dinosaur-themed cake?

Look no further! Our talented baker, Nicola, is here to bring your prehistoric vision to life.

Whether you have a specific dino in mind or want something fierce and flavorful, we’ve got you covered. Many of our clients customize their cakes with their favorite colors and flavors, and we’re always up for a challenge.

Order your custom dinosaur cake today and let the roars of excitement begin!