Paw Patrol Cakes for Birthday Fun

Planning a birthday paw patrol cake for your little one?

Our Paw Patrol cakes are perfect for any fan! We offer multi-tier cakes or a single-tier Paw Patrol cake for smaller parties. Choose from our Paw Patrol cake designs which feature characters like Chase, Marshall or Skype!

Create a cake that's as special as you are! Get in touch with us to discuss your personalized cake options Contact us via our social media channels to discuss your cake design
  • Chase Paw Patrol Cake
    Chase Paw Patrol Cake
  • Paw Patrol Skye Face Cake
    Paw Patrol Skye Face Cake
  • Tall Tower Cake Featuring Chase and Marshall
    Tall Tower Cake Featuring Chase and Marshall
  • Cake Featuring Chase and Marshall
    Cake Featuring Chase and Marshall
  • Three-tier Paw Patrol Blue and Pink Cake
    Three-tier Paw Patrol Blue and Pink Cake
  • Paw Patrol Kevin
    Paw Patrol Kevin
  • Paw Patrol Lookout Tower
    Paw Patrol Lookout Tower
  • Paw Patrol Paw Finn
    Paw Patrol Paw Finn
  • Paw Patrol Emily
    Paw Patrol Emily
  • Paw Patrol Three-tier Cake
    Paw Patrol Three-tier Cake
  • Paw Patrol Andres
    Paw Patrol Andres
  • Paw Patrol Zyne
    Paw Patrol Zyne
  • pink paw patrol cake for girls
    Paw Patrol Cassy
  • Paw Patrol Pink Cake
    Paw Patrol Pink Cake

Can’t Find the Cake You’re Looking For? Let Us Know!

Nicola is a whiz when it comes to cake sculpting and decorating, so you can trust her to craft your very own custom cake! Simply send us your preferred cake design, and we will make it come to life!

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Welcome to our collection of Paw Patrol cakes!

All of our designs are easy to customize and order – just add your favorite to the cart and let our main cake designer, Nicola, handle the rest.

She’s always happy to answer any questions and help you finalize your order. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with her if you have any special requests or need some guidance.

Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on these delicious and adorable treats!