Trendy Birthday Cakes for Men

Although men’s tastes are generally simple, that doesn’t mean their birthday cake have to be boring! If you need a trendy birthday cake for men, our cool selection of cake designs will definitely surprise you!

Our cake designs for men range from simple and minimalist to extravagant and intricate. And we meticulously craft each cake to include all the finer details for a truly special experience!

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  • Hyper Realistic Fries Cake
    Hyper Realistic Fries Cake
  • Tank Cake
    Tank Cake
  • Chess Cake
    Chess Cake
  • Ferrari Cake
    Ferrari Cake
  • Golfing Cake
    Golfing Cake
  • Star Wars Yoda White Cake
    Star Wars Yoda White Cake
  • Jack Daniel Cake with Icecubes
    Jack Daniel Cake with Icecubes
  • Red and White Jordan Shoe Cake
    Red and White Jordan Shoe Cake
  • Casino Cake
    Casino Cake
  • Rooster Battle Cake
    Rooster Battle Cake
  • Rafael Nadal Tennis Ball Cake
    Rafael Nadal Tennis Ball Cake
  • Yeezy Boost Shoe Cake
    Yeezy Boost Shoe Cake
  • Beer Cake
    Beer Cake
  • BMW Logo Cake
    BMW Logo Cake
  • Three-tier Seaman Uniform Cake
    Three-tier Seaman Uniform Cake
  • Marijuana cake
    Marijuana cake
  • Playstation Cake
    Playstation Cake
  • Engineer Uniform Cake
    Engineer Uniform Cake
  • Gym Cake
    Gym Cake
  • Rooster Cake (Hyper-realistic)
    Rooster Cake (Hyper-realistic)

Can’t Find the Cake You’re Looking For? Let Us Know!

Nicola is a whiz when it comes to cake sculpting and decorating, so you can trust her to craft your very own custom cake! Simply send us your preferred cake design, and we will make it come to life!

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Cake Design for Men Ideas

Not sure what even makes a trendy birthday cake for men? Here are some birthday cakes for men that are popular among our clients:


Sports theme

Includes toppers of your favorite athletes. Also include logos, team jerseys, and even action shots!



Game theme

Surprise him with a cake decorated with symbols, characters, and graphics of his favorite game.


Car or Motorcycle theme

Give your man a cake shaped like his favorite automobile. We routinely craft motorcycles, sports cars, and trucks for our clients


Alcohol theme

Whether it’s  his favorite beer, whiskey or rum, these alcohol-infused cakes are sure to get a fun reaction at your party!



Should you not find the exact cake you’re seeking, feel free to delve into our assortment of customized cake categories. We provide an extensive selection of designs, flavors, and sizes to accommodate your distinct requirements.